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Request Base Designs! Defaul10
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Request Base Designs!

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Request Base Designs! Empty Request Base Designs!

Post by Enigma on Thu Dec 31, 2015 7:09 pm

Here you may request a base design from me. I am a base builder so I'd be happy to complete your request. To request, please fillnoutbthe form below:
Town Hall level:
Missing Buildings:
Builder's Hut Count:

For style, you must choose one of the following:[list]
[*]Multiplayer - protecting loot
[*]Multiplayer - protecting trophies
[*]Clan War - anti-2 star
[*]Clan War - anti-3 star

Note: anti-2 star bases have centralized Town Halls while anti-3 star bases do not, the Town Halls are used for shields.


Town Hall level: 9
Missing Buildings: 2 X-Bows
Builder's Hut Count: 3
Style: Clan War - anti-3 star

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