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Main Forum Rules

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Main Forum Rules Empty Main Forum Rules

Post by Enigma on Fri Dec 11, 2015 7:08 pm

Main Forum Rules

Hello Guest! Here are Clashmune's main and basic rules you need to follow to avoid warnings.

  1. Swearing, cursing, and profanity is not allowed. This includes censoring a swear as well.
  2. Posting two messages in a row in a topic is not allowed. This is considered "double posting"; there are some exceptions in some sub-forums.
  3. Always read pinned topics in sub-forums before you continue on a forum. They are placed there for a reason.
  4. Clashmune is an English forum, other languages are not permitted.
  5. Posing as a(n) Administrator, Moderator, Engineer, or Helper is not allowed. There will be serious consequences for posing as the positions listed above.
  6. Multiple account creation is not allowed.
  7. Only use the report feature when a post or topic breaks the rules. Reporting someone because you dislike them or have negative feelings towards them is against the Rukes and is considered targeting someone.
  8. Spamming and adverising is not allowed.
  9. Rudeness to anyone is not allowed.
  10. Discussing cheats or emulators related to Clash of Clans is against the rules.
  11. Posting small messages to boost count is not allowed, there are sime exceptions in specific sub-forums. Fun and Games is an exception as not all games require a lot of words, but posting small messages that contain only a few words in other sub-forums to boost post count is not allowed.
  12. Giving your password to another user is forbidden; do not give anyone your password to anyone as it may jeopardize your account's security. A staff member will never ask you for your password to your account, please contact a Clashmune Administrator if someone is claiming to be a staff member and is requesting your password or access to your account.
  13. Targeting specific people with insults or harmful content is not allowed. If you dislike another forumer, you may ignore them by going to their profile page and ignoring them.

Thank you Guest for reading the rules of Clashmune, clash on!


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